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Join the ELF Pick'em Challenge!

Predict the winners of ELF games and earn points to climb up the leaderboards. Compete against friends, family, and other ELF fans for ultimate bragging rights! Each week, make your picks and watch as the games unfold. Will your strategic choices lead you to victory, or will an underdog upset the rankings?

How it works

Participants in the European League of Football Pickā€™em presented by SportsMetrics will predict the winner of each match in the European League of Football season 2024. Each correct prediction earns the participant one point. This simple yet exciting format allows fans to showcase their football knowledge and insights into the game. To enter the global leaderboard, you can select your favorite team and set your displayed username in your user profile. Additionally, all participants' scores will be tallied on an overall leaderboard. To add more excitement, you can join private leagues with your friends. Simply create a league with your favorite name and invite your friends to join the competition.

Sign up now to start your journey and see if you have what it takes to be the top ELF predictor! The European League of Football Pick'em is free to play.

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